Meet Jacob

Meet Jacob

Like many of you reading this, I never expected to be in this position. I am a divorced dad of three amazing kids, trying to co-parent with their mother.

Despite our mutual respect, and fairly amicable divorce, we still ran into obstacles that made co-parenting and raising our children more difficult and complicated than it needed to be.

One day, after yet another frustrating back and forth over child related expenses, I set out to find a simpler way for us to co-parent through the separation period, and ultimately the divorce. I spent time searching for ways to minimize stress, frustration, and confusion for us and our children, but found nothing that met the needs of my family.

That is when I decided to take matters into my own hands. I began identifying the “pain points” or challenges we were facing. I consulted with friends and family, who were in similar situations - both moms and dads, those with very young children, and those with older children - to identify their challenges, as well. My goal was to make it easier to manage our divorce agreement while also raising happy and emotionally healthy children.

Zimplified was created to benefit my children, and yours. Zimplified helps to simplify, organize, and streamline parenting life, reduce stress and conflict, and foster collaboration.

No more missed games or recitals, missed pick up or drop off times, or piles of expense receipts.

It’s time to get Zimplified!