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Can I invite a co-parent to use Zimplified?
Absolutely! Simply check the "Invite co-parent" box when you set up your profile and provide the co-parents email. They will receive an invitation via email. We encourage both parents to sign up to get the most out of Zimplified.

Do both parents have sign up to use Zimplified?
While we encourage both parents to sign up to get the most from Zimplified, it remains a powerful tool when used by one parent. You can set and manage custody schedules, calendar events, capture all child related expenses and attach a digital copy of receipts. At the end of each month or quarter you have everything you need in one place to send a spreadsheet to the co-parent containing all shared expenses.

If the co-parent has already subscribed to Zimplified can we link accounts?
Yes, there are two ways to do so.

1. On the web SIGN UP page where you will subscribe to Zimplified, simply check the box labeled "Co-Parent Has Already Joined Zimpliļ¬ed. I Would Like To Link Accounts", and provide their email address.

2. If you have already completed the account setup information and are viewing the web DASHBOARD, click on your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen and you will see the SETTINGS dropdown where you can link the accounts. In both cases, the co-parent will be notified of the request and upon accepting, the accounts will be linked.

Can I add other users?
Yes, you can add any (or all) of the following users: Co-parent (will have access to all features), or Subusers, including: caregivers and children. Subusers will have access to calendar features only. By adding users, you are giving them permission to access shared information in your account.

Can I pay for myself and a co-parent when signing up?
Yes. While you are signing up for yourself you have the opportunity to sign up and pay for the co-parent as well.

Forgot your password?
If you forgot your password, please click here "Forgot your password?" to enter your email and receive a link that will prompt you to create your new password.

Are my documents and information private or shared with the co-parent?
If you are a single user then all of your information and documents are private. If you have subusers (children, caregivers, grandparents) certain information is shared unless marked private. If you and the co-parent are both using Zimplified and linked your accounts, then certain information is shared:

Custody Schedules
Calendar Events are shared (unless set as private)
All expenses are private until you take action to send to the co-parent for approval and reconciliation
Documents are private unless you take action to share.

Can I cancel my subscription?
While we would be sorry to see you go, you can cancel within the first 30 days of subscribing to receive a full refund for a semi-annual or annual subscription. A monthly subscription is non-refundable once paid. If you have feedback for us on how to further improve Zimplified, we would love to hear from you.

Can I access my Zimplified account on my mobile device?
Yes, Zimplified users have access via web and mobile devices (iPhone & Android). Data is securely stored in the cloud enabling access wherever there is an internet connection so you can manage your life on-the-go.

How do I track and share expenses?
Zimplified makes tracking expenses easy. During the account setup, you created expense categories and specified the cost sharing for each category. Simply select the expense category (e.g. Clothing) enter the dollar amount, select which child the expense is for, and take a picture or attach a copy of the receipt, on desktop or mobile device! At the end of the month, quarter, or timeframe you specify, each co-parent sends the expenses they incurred to one another for approval and reconciliation. Done!

Can I track my alimony, child support and shared expenses on Zimplified?
Yes, and a whole lot more! Track alimony and child support obligations, shared expenses, custody schedule, various types of calendar events, including: your child's sports games and school events, doctor appointments, custody overrides related to holidays, vacation time, etc. keeping all account users in sync. You can split expenses according to your agreement, attach receipts to each expense, calculate, and reconcile any money owed between the co-parents.

What are the different methods of splitting expenses with a co-parent?
During the profile setup, you can select from a list of commonly used expense categories or create your own. Next, you choose from one of four types of cost sharing:
1. "%Split" (This is a simple split between the co-parents. Example: 40% mom/60% dad)

2. "% Split with a Base" (This is a % split between the co-parents, only AFTER the designated parent pays a base amount. Example: Dad pays the first $150 of medical expense per year for each child, after which additional expenses are split 50% mom/50% dad.)

3. "% Split with a Limit" In this case you would select % Split as the Expense Type AND check the LIMIT box. (This is a % split between the co-parents, but one parent has a maximum limit. Example: Mom pays 25% and Dad pays 75% for summer camp, however, dad's maximum contribution for camp is limited to $3000.)

4. "% Split with a Base AND a Limit" In this scenario you would select the Expense Type as "%Split with a Base" AND check the LIMIT box.

Once you have completed the Expense Category Setup, just enter your categorized expenses and Zimplified automatically calculates the split of each expense when you are ready to reconcile your expenses with the co-parent.

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